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MiLCA is a life cycle assessment (LCA) support system. It makes possible the basic calculation features required for basic LCA, including inventory analysis and impact assessment. In addition an inventory database is furnished as standard equipment.

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Use case

For product environmental performance improvement

You can track potential environmental impact throughout the life cycles of products and services and to extract points for improvement.

For self-declaration of LCA results

You can perform LCA or carbon footprint calculations based on ISO14040/14044, GHG protocol, PAS2050, etc. and publish them.

To provide LCA data to your customers.

You can export your LCA data easily by MiLCA without disclosing your confidential information.

System use case

Stand alone type

You can install all data to your 1 personal computer. Updata information is automatically installed if the PC is connected to the internet.

Internal server type

Your team can manage one database to avoid data missing. Prepare server to keep all data and each client PC accesses this PC through the network.
[Recommend PC specifications]
CPU:Core 2 Duo or better
RAM:2 GB and over
HDD:10 GBor more of free space
OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 ( 64 bit Version is also supported)
Display: 1280×1024 pixel resolution or higher
Other: Internet connection
During MiLCA installation, you need to grant administrator permissions to your Windows account for using MiLCA (you can safely eliminate administrator permissions after installation)

Differences between the regular (paid) and free license.

The free type has the following limitations.
  • Creation of new processes and new subsystems is restricted to 5 max.
  • Process and case study import feature doesn't work.
  • Process and case study calculation results export feature doesn't work.
  • BOM import feature doesn't work.
  • Cannot use an internal server.
So, in the case of just simple calculations, such as reporting data to your customers, the free version may suffice.